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"On the Threshold of Life" by Juan Ferrandiz Castells, (s/n Color Etching) has an approximate value of $499 (Freight included). Our price to follow


• Artist: Juan Ferrandiz Castells
• Title: "On the Threshold of Life"
• Image Size:
• Edition: 272/474 Signed and Numbered
• Medium: Limited Edition Etching
• Published 19??



Juan Ferrandiz Castells, a native of Barcelona, had devoted his life, and artistic talents to express one belief: That children are the hope for the salvation of mankind. They are the symbol of enthusiasm, open-mindedness and the joy of life.

Juan Ferrandiz is renowned for his inspiring limited edition print and figurine collections, carved by the masters at the house of ANRI and highly prized by collectors worldwide.

Juan Ferrandiz Castells collectors will often hang a lithograph along with their Anri wood figurine collection.

Juan Ferrandiz died in August 1997.


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